Isiaiah 54
Childrens Sanctuary

Isiaiah 54 is an NPO (038-214-NPO), we focus on the welfare of a child.
Our main focus is abused, abandoned and HIV infected Children as well as the Pre-education of vulnerable children of the community.

We co-operate with the Child Welfare Durban and SAPS.
A good foundation is the start of a good future!

What We Do

We are a Crisis Home (Temporary Place of Safety). We work with children in Trauma - abused, abandoned and HIV infected, brought to us by the Police or Child Welfare.

We also offer assistance to families in need, with clothing, food, etc when the need arises.

I will keep you in my arms,
safe and warm.
I will love you,
as my own child.
I will protect you,
as any mother should do.
Here you are my precious child.

Isiaiah 54

Our Stories

Okkie’s Story

Okkie ( 1 year) came to us along with his two sisters (5 & 3). They had not eaten from the Wednesday, this was reported on the Friday. We attempted to get someone to assist us with the removal of these children. We could not get co-operation from the police, FCS or Welfare.

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Themba’s Story

Themba was thrown out of a moving vehicle in a township. He was approximately 2 weeks old. He had landed on his head, and slid along the gravel and into the bush. A person walking by heard him crying, and asked someone to call the police.

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Nkhosikhona’s Story

Nkhosikhona was found in a sewerage drain at 11 days old. He had been in the drain most of his 11 days. A lady walked past the drain and heard a baby cry. She ran to the police station and the police called the ambulance to get the child out. He had maggots everywhere, in his ears, mouth, every hole in his body was maggots

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T’s Story

I’m 5 months old. It is a sunny day when my mommy takes me to the beach. We were not the only one that came to the beach, there were a lot of people. My mother put me down and said “my boy, I will come back now, going to buy something” and she walked away.

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K’s Story

I’m 6 months old. It’s New Year’s eve and very busy on the streets. We don’t have a house , because mom is on hard drugs, they call it sugars but it’s not so sweet as it’s sounds. Mom doesn’t have a job because of her drugs so she begs on the street to urn monies to pay for the drugs.

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Help us Help Our Children

  •  At any one time there are approximately 14 children in our home.
  • We are not government funded and rely on donations to provide for our children.
  • One of the greatest needs is the payment of the Electricity Bill (Acc. 83392605764) as well as Salaries for our two care givers.
  • General groceries, Baby Formula, Nappies and cleaning products.
  • Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We Need You

We're at the mercy of your generosity to keep the abandoned children's sanctuary going.
Please help us.