K’s Story

I’m 6 months old. It’s New Year’s eve and very busy on the streets.
We don’t have a house , because mom is on hard drugs, they call it sugars but it’s not so sweet as it’s sounds. Mom doesn’t have a job because of her drugs so she begs on the street to earn monies to pay for the drugs.  And begging with me gets her more money.

I’m only 6 months and addicted at sugars to because my mother is breastfeeding me. It makes me sleepy so mom can beg and she doesn’t have to listen to a baby that cries.
It’s so warm and busy on the street that I didn’t saw the police car coming.  They asking my mom lots of questions and they take me away from her. I am so scared and start crying.

The police are not mean to me, the telling me that mom did wrong but that I will be fine. I’m too small to understand what they saying so I carry on crying. The police put me with another lady in the backseat of the car and she drives me to a place of safety. I have no idea what that is, but as long as my mother is there it’s ok.

My body starts to feel funny, I don’t know what it is, but the feeling makes me feel sick. I start to cry louder , this feeling as to stop, right now.

We arrive at Isiaiah 54, the police explain to the mom of the home that my mother was begging with me, was on sugars and was breastfeeding me. She knew I was addicted to sugars and told the police that I would be fine later. I was craving badly, all I wanted was my mom’s milk because that makes me feel sleepy.

We now 2.5 years later and I’m 3 years old now. The bad cravings were gone after 3 months, it was a difficult time but I made it and so did everybody at Isiaiah 54, because it wasn’t easy for them either.

Adopted! 2-8-2013

K's Story

I have some good news to tell! Today is the day that my mommy, daddy and my sister adopted me.

They visit me for 2 weeks so that we could get used to each other. In the beginning I don’t know if I liked them or not but after a couple of days I started to trust them. First I thought they came for all the kids but when I found out that they were coming for me I felt like a little princess. Does 3 people came just for me, they brought me sweeties and even a cake to share with everybody “MY cake”.

I will try to keep you all updated every now and then. I would like to thank Isiaiah 54 for looking after me, the volunteers for playing and teaching me things.

With love Kenny 🙂

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