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Isiaiah 54 started in 1987 with two friends of Glynnis’ daughter. These two girls were sexually abused at home and Glynnis offered these two girls a safe place.

Now Isiaiah54 has grown to a large family with children who are abused, abandoned and HIV infected children, between the ages of 0 to 18. Isiaiah 54 is not just a roof over their heads and food, it's a big family where they belong , it is a house that they can call home.

It does not matter what their background is or their beliefs , as long as we can make a difference for that child in particular.

We don’t only help abused and abandoned children but we also help the community. We have a Pre-school for children of single moms and families living under the bread line, distribution of clothing, furniture, toys, etc.

This reaches out not only to our local community in need but also to the Rural areas, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, with clothing, food, etc.  What we cannot use we share with others. Our doors are always open for people that need our help and advice.


Crisis Care

To provide the best crisis care for abused and abandoned children.

Child Development

To help with the development of each child, to achieve a normal lifestyle in the future.

24/7 Assistance

To work closely with the police and welfare organizations, and be available 24/7 to assist in any trauma / crisis situation involving children.

I started Isiaiah 54 in 1987. I always wanted 6 children, unfortunately I was not able to hold my pregnancies after I give birth to my daughter. After many miscarriages and the death of my second baby I never lost the “mommy” in me.

- Glynnis Dauth founder of Isiaiah 54

This is important because:

South Africa has 1 of the highest levels in the world of violence against children

South Africa has tens of thousands children who are victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation every year

And over 2.500 babies are abandoned across the country yearly

30 % of these victims are under 10 years old


Trauma Aleviation

To assist the children and parents in their trauma.

Social Work

To identify the problems affecting the family, and help Social Workers deal with the family unit.

Instill Love

To install love, trust and confidence into the children

Normalise Lives

To help the children and mothers to normalize their daily lives.

Education & Christian Values

To ensure that the children get a good education and good Christian values.

Stop Abuse

—To stop the pattern of abuse of women and children.

Edify People

To empower abused women, pregnant girls, birth mothers to face the world as a whole person.


To help with counselling, get assistance for drug and alcohol related problems

We Need You

We're at the mercy of your generosity to keep the abandoned children's sanctuary going. Please help us.

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