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Because All Lives Matter

Life isn't always as easy and becoming a mother is something beautiful, unfortunately not for all of us.
For you it might be your worst nightmare. There could be many reasons why it is a nightmare for you for example you fell pregnant due to incest,rape, abusive relationships, etc.. It could also be that you find yourself in a culture issue such as mix race, that your family doesn't like, the father of your baby, and you are only welcome without your baby.
This type of pressure and having nobody to turn to, makes you sometimes do the wrong thing like abortion or abandoning your baby.

Open arms is not only there to assist with abandonment but also to assist and advise on:

  • Pregnancies
  • Child related questions
  • maintenance
  • adoption
  • etc.
Open Arms

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Know that whatever you tell to us stays confidential!
You are never alone, were are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Whatsapp / Phone Number: 084 488 1359

Behind Open Arms SA


Youandi (36) is the founder of Open Arms SA. Born in the Netherlands she gave up her Western life for a life in South Africa.

Since 2010 she lives and works with abused, abandoned and HIV infected babies and children.


About Open Arms SA

Open Arms SA is a project of the Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary.

Her heart for the less fortunate is big and she would do whatever she can to help.

Would you like to know more about Youandi and how Open Arms SA started please click here.

I am born in the Netherlands.
I haven't had a easy life but it made me who I am today. I have been abused (emotional, physical and sexual) the child welfare in the Netherlands failed, the police failed and my school failed.If I only had a person like myself that time, it would have been so much easier.

South Africa is now my home and has been since 2010. I work and live with abused, abandoned and HIV infected babies and children in Durban.

Beside it can be very hectic at times I love my life, waking up every morning to see those wonderful faces smiling at me, is the most beautiful gift I can get.

But beside the children I also worry and care a lot about the mother behind the abandoned baby/child.

The numbers of abandoned babies/children in South Africa is very high. And for outsiders very easy to judge the mother and say that she horrible, evil, unhuman etc.

You must be very desperate to be able to do that. I think the feeling must be similar to committing suicide.

Instead of judging the mother I rather be the person that they contact when they need help/advice.

So Open Arms was born...

We Need You

We're at the mercy of your generosity to keep the abandoned children's sanctuary going. Please help us.

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