Okkie’s Story

Okkie ( 1 year) came to us along with his two sisters (5 & 3).  They had not eaten from the Wednesday, this was reported on the Friday.

We attempted to get someone to assist us with the removal of these children.  We could not get co-operation from the police, FCS or Welfare.  On the Sunday in desperation we contacted Bobbi Bear to assist with the removal.

With much discussion eventually got a police person to assist by going to the informal settlement to see what the condition of the children was. In a small room were the three children.  Okkie was lying on a filthy dirty mattress on the floor, soaking wet from urinating.  The cupboards were empty and they still had not eaten.  After convincing the police person that it was his idea to remove the children and with the permission of the chief of the settlement.  The children were removed.

Mother only came home after 16h30 after being away from the Wednesday until the Sunday. The children were then moved to a Place of Safety until the investigations have been done.

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