T’s Story

I’m 5 months old. It is a sunny day when my mommy takes me to the beach. We were not the only one that came to the beach, there were a lot of people. My mother put me down and said “my boy, I will come back now, going to buy something” and she walked away.

Oh I love the feeling of the sand. A big man walks towards me and picks me up and asks me “where is your mother” I give him a big smile because I have no idea what he means. He walks away, but I want to stay, mommy is coming back just now and then she can’t find me.

No I don’t want this, but I can’t tell the big man that I need to stay. I start to cry. We walk inside a police station, I’m scared I want mommy… The big man is a Cop, mommy told me that they arrest people that are doing wrong things and they put you in a cell. The man takes me to a room… oh no the cell what did I do wrong?! I scream as hard as I can, another man takes me, he is very nice to me. He gives me something to eat and drink and even changed my nappy. I’m not so scared anymore, and love the attention that I get now.

We go in a car and the 2 guys are saying that we go to Isiaiah 54, I have no idea what that is but I love the drive. As we arrive a brown lady comes to the gate and holds me, she smells nice. She tells the cops that I will be fine, that she will give me a nice shower and something to eat.

I like the part about food, I love food. When I’m inside a white boy comes to me his name is Sam he is from America he calls me Little Buddha because I’m chubby. I love it here so much children and attention and food, I love it. Supper time is gone and now it’s time for bed, where is my mother. I’m sure she will pick me up tomorrow; I am now too tired to think about that. I have a social worker and she tries to find my mother but she is gone. I don’t even know when it’s my birthday, I’m not even sure how old I am today. My social worker wants to make a birth certificate for me so that I can go up for adoption. But because I don’t know when I was born we need to go to a district surgeon.

Today is finally the day, together with Aunty Jo and my social worker we going to the district surgeon. When it’s our time the doctor measures me and I need to stand on the scale. I’m 71 cm tall and 10 kg, I’m perfect. I need to open my mouth and I don’t like that only if it’s for food, but he needs to count my teeth.

He also asks Aunty Jo, if I can walk and talk and play with others. She says yes, you see too good to be true. The doctor estimates my age between 17 and 20 months, but now we need to choose a birthday for me. Aunty Jo tells the doctor that she wants to give me her birthday and that will make me then 17 months. Better to young than to old because then I will have problems at school. So now my birthday is 25-12-2011 together with Aunty Jo and Jesus wow that’s nice, I wonder if I get extra presents now too.

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  1. Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your website and am so humbled by all these stories and the good work Isaiah54 is doing. I’m interested to know if T has been adopted?

  2. Hi there
    I hope that you are well.
    Please may you send me your address.
    What age groups of kids do you have?
    Do you also allow fostering of kids for example just take a child out for a weekend just so they can be kids and have some fun at the park etc?


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